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Fri, Nov 13


ZOOM Online Session

Peace of Mind & Healthy Body: Basic Meditation & Breathing Techniques

Meditation Techniques For The Modern Age This workshop demystifies the ancient art and science of basic breathing & meditation techniques practiced by Yogis over the ages. The session will include a 20-minute meditation. Please attend on an empty stomach. All levels welcome.

Registration is Closed. Thank your for your interest in this workshop.
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Peace of Mind & Healthy Body: Basic Meditation & Breathing Techniques
Peace of Mind & Healthy Body: Basic Meditation & Breathing Techniques

Time & Location

Nov 13, 2020, 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM EST

ZOOM Online Session


About the Event

"We are all looking for success in our lives. For that, we need a very healthy body with a lot of vitality and a calm mind. And where else can we get that if not in Hatha Yoga practice." --Sri Swami Satchidananda


This event is for anyone interested in learning the basics of breathing techniques and their direct effect on the body and the mind. From beginners wanting to learn the very basics of breathing, through the advanced practitioner looking to review the basics in order to improve on their more developed techniques. The level of this workshop is for anyone who is interested in learning the basics, as well as for advanced practitioners looking for a chance to practice the fundamentals. 

We will be exploring three basic breathing techniques (Prānāyāma Shastra):

1. Dirgha Swasam (Deep Breathing) 

2. Kapālabhāti (Skull Shining Breath) 

3. Nādi Suddhi (Nerve Cleansing Breath) 

Props: As needed

1. Warm-Up: The first part of the session will include a short warm-up for the body in standing and sitting positions. Please avail yourself of any props you feel you may need, such as a yoga mat, belts, blanket, wedges, and blocks.

2. Sitting: We recommend either a comfortable cushion or blocks for sitting on the floor. Alternatively, you can sit in a chair.

Additional Requirements & Prerequisites:

Yoga, breathing techniques, and meditation should be done on an empty stomach. This is for two very important reasons: 

1. Food in the stomach will create physical, emotional, and gastrointestinal distress, including nausea, vertigo, gas, bloating, and vomiting. 

2. The focus of these practices is to sharpen the mind. Food in the stomach diverts the work towards digestion, instead.

  • This practice has its best, optimal effects when practiced on an empty stomach. 
  • Wear comfortable, loose, and flexible clothing.
  • Non-smokers only - There will be a future dedicated workshop for smokers & lung issues
  • Some yoga experience is helpful, but not required
  • Any phone or computer (to access lessons)
  • Positivity and support for yourself and for you fellow workshop participants

Get ready for a great practice! This workshop will help clear up any misconceptions about breathing and meditation. The techniques covered in this session are very easy to learn and apply. You have nothing to lose but an overactive monkey mind!

Please RSVP as soon as you can. To reserve your seat for this event please click on 'Tickets' in the top menu.

See you in class! 


1. Mantra 1: Aum 

2. Mantra 2: Hari Aum 

3. Nethra Vyāyāma (Eye Yoga) 

4. Sāra Surya Namaskar (Basic Sun Salutation)  

5. Prānāyāma Shastra (Basic Breathing Techniques) 

6. Dhyana (Mindfulness Meditation) 

7. Mantra 3: Asatoma (Hope for Illumination) 

8. Mantra 4: Sambodhishantyaḥ Praṇaya (Hope for Peace, Prosperity, & Enlightenment)

9. Mantra 5: Swasthi prajābhyaḥ... 

"May this great science of Yoga bring each and every one of you health, happiness, prosperity, and peace." 


Note: Thank you for supporting this workshop and others like it. We hope to make this meditation and additional special events part of our weekly schedule. Please drop us a line and share with us what you would like us to present in future workshops, along with possible time frames. 


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