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Get ready to dive into KarmaKick®Yoga Teacher Training Online!

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

KarmaKick®Yoga Online 200-Hour Teacher Training Program

(Applications begin on Friday 05/01/20 with the release of our new website: Program details will be included.)

COVID-19 Yoga Alliance Online Training! The Yoga Alliance has temporarily approved KarmaKick®Fitness for a blended online/offline 200-hour Teacher Training distance learning course during the COVID-19 lockdown.

THIS IS YOUR TIME! Become a KarmaKick®Yoga Apprentice! Now you can participate in our accredited program and begin the journey towards full certification online! The Yoga Alliance 200-Hour Registration is the international industry standard, and this is the first time that they have allowed a full 100% certification online.

**Is distance learning effective? Yes! Distance Learning is not only effective, it has been demonstrated to be highly motivating and adaptable to busy schedules. Far from being impossible, online teacher training is actually very simple and straightforward for anyone with an Intermediate Level 3 practice, or above.

**How will online training work? There are two components: online and offline. The offline component is a series of in-person assessments that will be completed once the lockdown is over. Here are the basic requirements:

1. You must not be a beginner. You must absolutely have an existing Yoga practice. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

2. You must be a student at Intermediate Level 3, or above and you will prove it to us through a Live/Online audition. Applicants who have taken classes/privates with any of our certified teachers are eligible.

3. Our online syllabus will contain all the lecture material approved by the Yoga Alliance for Distance Learning. We will cover topics including the theoretical and functional basics of the 8 Points of Alignment, the Chakra System, History, Philosophy, Anatomy, Breathing Techniques, Meditation, 'Styles' of Yoga, and much more!

4. Each session will include a physical practice in addition to the lecture material covered.

5. Once your online training is completed, the offline work begins and you will move on to complete the final, in-person KarmaKick®Yoga assessments and requirements.

**What happens when the lockdown is lifted? Your online training will continue past the lifting of the lockdown and KarmaKick®Yoga will revamp the remaining online schedule to accommodate for working hours. The offline component will be complete over a series of weekends.

**What if I can’t complete the program requirements within 6 months? No worries! We got you covered! Given the current global circumstances, you will have an additional 3 months after the program officially ends to complete all of the offline requirements, including in-person assessments, observations, as well as hands-on assists and adjustments.

**Will KarmaKick®Yoga offer a financing schedule? Yes! We've got your back! Just reach out to us through a private email, or message and we will gladly get back to you with the details of our financing program.

**Does everyone pass and get a green light certification? No! Our program is designed to craft solid, grounded, self-validated teachers. We will fail you if you fail on yourself. Failure to pass all quizzes, final exam, the practicum, or all of the assignments will result in failure. You must complete 100% of every portion of the syllabus in order to graduate. We will see you through until you are fully certified! During the program, we will train and coach you for optimal performance as a teacher.

**What does the offline content consist of? The offline content consists of applications, assisting teachers, class observations, Yoga school evaluations, proper use of props & techniques, and teaching a series of live classes.

**What makes a KarmaKick®Yoga Teacher Certification unique? The KarmaKick®Yoga philosophy is "nothing beats experience." Our teachers are well-trained and highly knowledgable. They experience success as teachers because students leave their classes feeling more relaxed and empowered then before they walked in. Feel free to talk to any of our certified teachers about the program. In addition to a solid grounding in the traditional methods, a KarmaKick®Yoga teacher graduates with Certifications as Group Fitness Instructors and CPR/AED & First Aid through KarmaKick®Fitness (accredited by the American Heart Association). As an added bonus, our students learn about and experience other alternative and spiritual modalities, including Reiki, Tai Chi Chuan, and Chi Kung. We also provide additional resources so you can hit the ground running upon graduation. While other programs churn out teachers with minimal experience and grounding, KarmaKick®Yoga crafts leaders.

Get started now! Take the first step from the comfort of your own home! Only 8 hours per week!

6-Month Certification Course Start Date: 05/30/20 End Date: 11/30/20 Full Tuition: $3,750 Early Bird Tuition: 3,500. (Deadline 05/15/20) Early Bird Savings: $250 Deposit: $750 with application

Payment Plans available for anyone in need of financial assistance.

Life. You only have one. Kick it into high gear! KarmaKick®Fitness

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